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Peach Blossom Properties in Austin, Texas: Professional Property Management with a Personal Touch

System - Monday, November 13, 2017

A lot of people ask me why they should hire Peach Blossom Properties when they need professional Austin property management. So today, I’m taking a minute to tell you about my qualifications.

Full Time Property Management

This is my full time business. I love property management. You’ll find that a lot of property managers are sales agents using this as a way to feed their sales business. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I believe you can’t be equally as good at both sales and property management. If someone does 100 sales per year, they’re going to be better at selling than someone who does 10 sales per year. The same is true with managing rentals. The person who does it more often and stays up to date on education will be a better manager than someone who doesn’t do it full time.

Real Estate Experience

I’ve had my company since 2013. Prior to that, I worked for two years with a real estate attorney in town. I had the opportunity to manage that attorney’s personal rental homes, and go to court for evictions. I got to learn what he did really well and what he needed to improve upon. This provided the foundation for my education.

NARPM President-Elect

I belong to a number of professional associations and organizations. I’m the president-elect of the Austin chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, or NARPM. Our goal is to raise the industry standards and make sure education is a priority. We don’t want to be seen as slumlords, and a few bad apples have given property managers a bad name.

Providing the Personal Touch

There’s no substitute for experience, and I can offer a personal touch. There are a lot of companies bigger than Peach Blossom, but there you will just be a name, and maybe you’ll be a face, and they might remember your number. I will know you on a first name basis, and we’ll keep in touch regularly. I’ll be the personal contact you can call to ask what’s going on with your property. I believe in putting your mind at ease.

Tenant Relationships

I also believe in maintaining good tenant relationships. One way to do that is with a housewarming gift. No one likes to move, and it’s stressful. I leave things like toilet paper, bottles of water, and snacks such as dried fruit and nuts. If there are children moving in, I like to leave coloring books and crayons. It’s nothing major, but something nice to see with a handwritten thank-you note expressing our appreciation and our happiness that the tenant is there. 

Property management is what I do. If you’d like to discuss my qualifications or services any further, please contact us at Peach Blossom Properties, where we say: Passive income. No worries.