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Happy Coexistence | How Dog Owners Can Keep Their Home Pristine

System - Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Dogs can be messy. These bundles of infectious energy are happy enough to scamper through a home, but that can leave fur on couches and scuffed surfaces. None of this helps to keep a home gorgeous, but there are, thankfully, plenty of options to do just that.

Keeping Things Clean

Give yourself the tools to keep things clean. Nail clippers are great for protecting surfaces and keeping your pooch comfortable. Have a sweeper and a lint roller to aid with fur and dust kicked up. You should also consider an efficient vacuum cleaner such as the aptly named Eureka FloorRover to clean up your furry pal’s pet hair. These quiet options would be a good addition to home as it has the power for your canine companion’s coat without the noise.

Support your efforts by always being stocked up with basic cleaning supplies and a health dose of how-to. You never know when something might happen, and it's best to deal with an issue in the moment… and there’s nothing wrong with asking for extra help! Lastly, reinforce your efforts to keep fixtures and furniture well-maintained by selecting items made of tough, durable materials. Not only can you give rugs and fabrics a fighting chance, but you also can do so while keeping your home looking pretty.

Create Doggy Spaces

Allocating sections of a home to your fur friend can be transformative. Dedicated spaces give your pup places where they can channel pent-up energy and can keep the rest of your home clean and presentable in the process. Find an area where you do not have to worry about scuffs or furniture, so that they can comfortably roll around and play. A mudspace may be another welcome aid. You might place this in the form of an entryway door, or you could utilize your garage. This can be a perfect buffer between an immaculate home and worry-free playtime. Stock up on cleaning supplies, as well as a towel and some treats for your chosen area. An outdoor shower might be a good complement to any mud area. Best of all, it's versatile enough that it could be used on just about anyone in need of a clean before they come back in.

Use Training

Your pup may already be familiar with basic commands, but it's good to reinforce disciplined behavior through extra training. Think about what training might be beneficial. Does your pooch sit on furniture? They could be trained to lie on a blanket, instead. Do they rush inside after a messy park adventure? You could teach them to sit still while they are cleaned in their new mudspace. The right conditioning can be adjusted to really benefit your home. Fetch can be turned into a cleaning tool by habituating your pooch to collect and put away their toys. Training may end up involving trial and error, but the results for your house can be positive. Don't forget to reward your pup's good behavior with treats!

Stay Organized

One of the things that come with a dog is clutter. Toys scattered through the house, not to mention essentials that find themselves in places they do not necessarily belong. It adds up, but organization can help. Dedicate storage space to all canine-related items. You might use discrete containers for accessories, such as bags and collars, and integrate them into your home's overall aesthetic. Pet stores and online marketplaces may have their own sections providing means to organize your dog’s possessions. You could even DIY to ensure that what you add to your home conforms to your preferred style. A wardrobe can be repurposed into pet storage, while wicker baskets can be easily utilized to accommodate toys. The choices are potentially endless and can be adapted to keep your house shining brightly.

Dogs are not incompatible with a beautiful, clean house. Create an environment that allows both your homely ambitions and your dog's enthusiasm to mutually thrive together!